Please note that at the moment we don't have a Touchpoints course scheduled. If you are interested in attending a Touchpoints course in the future, please contact us so that we can add you to our waiting list.

Touchpoints are critical periods in the baby’s and child’s development that can be identified and anticipated, providing optimal opportunities to support parents in understanding and responding to their child’s behaviour and strengths. They are centred on caregiving themes that matter to parents (e.g. sleep, feeding, toilet training), from pregnancy to six years old. The second Touchpoint (newborn) is when the NBO (Newborn Behavioural Observations system) is used.

Practitioners working with parents and acknowledging these Touchpoints, think together about strategies for managing these moments, which can help to promote strong relationships between parents and practitioners, fostering children’s full developmental potential and the mental health of the family.

Evaluation of the Touchpoints model in the USA, shows that it improves infant developmental outcomes, normalises parent’s perceptions of their child’s behaviour, moderates parental stress and improves maternal mental health indicators.

Different professionals across a variety of settings from Early Care and Education Centres to Child Welfare Services, and the Public Health Sector, have found the Touchpoints training to be effective in their work with parents, babies and children.

To learn more please visit Touchpoints Centre website.

This two-day course explains and illustrates the Touchpoints, identifying the moments of regression before a developmental spurt. It includes learning effective ways of supporting parents in their efforts to understand their baby and child.  After the course, there are six follow-up mentoring sessions with the trainers by conference call.  

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Our first national Touchpoints Course happened in March 2017. Learn more about this brilliant event.  

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