Our training courses and workshops

NBO and NBAS training

In 2016, we ran 43 NBO courses and 2 NBAS courses.  NHS Managers from several areas in the UK ask for NBO training for their health visitors, some nursery nurses, midwives, psychologists, neonatal nurses.  Many other practitioners also take our courses: occupational therapists, doctors, psychiatrists and family support workers from Children’s Centres. We run 2 national NBO courses per year, and 1 or 2 NBAS courses

Each course has from 14-25 participants.  Since 2009, over 2,800 practitioners have taken the NBO course.  Since 1997, 1,500 practitioners have taken our NBAS courses.  Our annual NBO course at the Royal Society of Medicine attracts practitioners from outside the UK.  We teach the NBAS abroad also, and in 2016 certified three psychologists working on the BRIGHT study in Cambridge and in The Gambia.  Currently, we are training two more researchers based in The Gambia.


In November, 2015,  Dr. Joanna Hawthorne and Emily Hills, OT ran a Workshop for AIMH UK ‘ Understanding babies inside out’ in Cambridge.  In December, 2015, Dr. Joanna Hawthorne and Rita Al-Minyawi (Senior Sister, NICU Rosie Hospital, Cambridge) ran a workshop ‘Understanding and supporting parent-baby relationships’.  A similar Workshop will be presented in Beirut in Februay, 2017.

Brazelton Touchpoints training

We are pleased to announce the first national Touchpoints Training in the UK.  The Touchpoints model emanates from Dr. Brazelton’s work with the NBAS, using the behaviour of the baby and child to support parents in understanding their own child’s development.  The moments of regression in cognitive, physical or another aspect of development (Touchpoints) in the child are seen as opportunities to support the parent in managing these times.  We are offering the individual level training, but community training is also available in order to create an understanding of baby and child development and parents amongst all those working or having contact with families in their area. This knowledge contributes to changes in how we work with families in a collaborative and strength-based way, looking at the positives before addressing the problems.

Click here to register on our first course on 21st and 22nd March, 2017 at the Moller Conference Centre, in Cambridge.

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