1st National Brazelton Touchpoints Training

Last week, a group of 25 trainees had the amazing opportunity to learn all about the Touchpoints approach in a fantastic two day course with Dr Jayne Singer and Dr Ann Stadtler.

It was a very intense and dynamic training, with role plays and opportunities for discussion, guided by the Touchpoints principles and assumptions (e.g. focus on the parent child relationship; communicate through the child's behaviour; value disorganisation and vulnerability as an opportunity; acknowledge that all parents have something critical to share at each developmental stage). The course covered the development period from pregnancy to 6 years old.

Comments from the trainees after the course:

Thank you for organising the TP training, I truly hope it spreads across the UK and would be happy to help this. I loved it!

I really enjoyed the training and wish I had more early years contact in my post to apply it within. However I found myself reflecting on the similarities in adolescent developmental stages and have been being touchpoints informed in my day to day work with families in that context.

Thank you! I really enjoyed the course and am already implementing it into my practice.

I feel very grateful of having been trained on Touchpoints. Feel that it has enriched my practise at work, but there are limitations of the impact on the service as a whole as I am the only one trained in my workplace- in favour of potential criteria for future training in the UK- offering touchpoints training to teams rather than to individual people. 

If you wish to learn more about Touchpoints, watch the video below and click here to see the Brazelton Touchpoints Centre website.

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