Journal of Health Visiting Study Day

First snow of the year and a trip to London to attend the Journal of Health Visiting Study Day on 30th November 2017 at the TUC made for an exciting day for Kim.
The subject was Perinatal Mental Health and as Susana and Kim are making  positive headway in establishing some antenatal NBO workshops in Cambridge it seemed right to attend.

The day consisted of three presentations.

Catriona Jones, a Senior Research Fellow in Maternal and reproductive Health and Midwifery Lecturer at the University of Hull shared some of her research into perinatal mental health and gave some scary statistics, for example 30/1000 women suffer post traumatic stress  following a traumatic birth and 150 -300/1000 will have an adjustment disorder and distress !!!! The need for NBO's for all speaks for itself.

Elaine Hanzac followed with her account of her own harrowing postnatal depression and psychosis. Her message for women suffering is:
Perinatal Mental Health is a treatable illness, there is support and a 'sisterhood' and if you take proactive steps you will get better.
Her book 'Eyes without Sparkle' is a powerful medical autobiography following her post natal journey from beginning to end and has now been ordered for the Brazelton Centre Library.

Mark Williams gave an equally passionate presentation about the largely disregarded condition of  Postnatal Depression in Fathers. Mark himself suffered and survived severe postnatal depression himself following the birth of his son and his wife's postnatal depression.  He has set up projects including 'Fathers Reaching Out' and 'Dads Matter UK' taking his message around the world. He also works with Dr Jane Hanley running PMH Training courses for Health professionals. One of his excellent posters reads:

        Man Up 
                     Man Down!!!

Kim Benn

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