The Brazelton Centre UK is committed to promoting and conducting research and training to ensure that the information offered to professionals and parents is reliable and trustworthy. 
The NBAS and NBO are both regarded as important ways to understand newborn behavior.  The NBAS is an assessment regarded as the most comprehensive examination of newborn behavior available, and is used in both research and clinical settings across the world.

It is used to examine:

  • The effects of prematurity, low birthweight, undernutrition and a range of pre-and perinatal risk factors
  • The effects of obstetric medication/mode of delivery
  • The effects of prenatal substance exposure
  • Studies of neonatal behavior in different cultures
  • Prediction studies
  • Studies of primate behavior

The NBO is a relationship-building tool between practitioner and parents and parents and their baby, highlighting baby behaviour.  Several research studies using the NBO are published, and several more are underway.  A study looking at the effects of several NBO sessions in the newborn period on the later social, emotional and cognitive development of babies in an early intervention setting is underway in Boston.  

Further studies are exploring the use of the NBO with high-risk infants as well as community-based samples.  In Denmark, a randomised study will begin in autumn 2016 looking at the effect of NBO sessions on the parent-infant relationship.